It’s shocking to note that materials capable of promoting Islamic extremism being aired by the state owned Sri Lanka Broad Casting Cooperation’s Tamil National Service in its Muslim Program. A sermon that promoting violence and extremism by a Moulavi known as Ali Ahamed Rashadhi was broadcast in the Muslim Program of SLBC Tamil National Service on 21.01.2019 Monday morning around 9.40. The sermon aired on SLBC was promoting violence, extremism and war and that was capable of provoking not only students and youths, but also capable of provoking more matured Muslims. The speech highly praised killing others for the sake of Islam, sacrificing lives for Islam, planning and waging wars, plotting for murder and praising martyrs. We request an immediate inquiry in to the matter as how such sermon was permitted to be aired by state owned SLBC.


Destruction Buddha statues in Mawanella, findings of ammunitions and a secret hideout in Puttalam have proved the existence of the Islamic extremism in this country. This is the direct consequence of the preaching & teachings carried out by various Islamic movements in this country for the last few decades. If this situation is not immediately addressed, there’s a dangerous situation that the whole Muslim community could be labeled as terrorists. Residential camps and training programs conducted by various Islamic movements targeting Muslim students and youths under the guise of conducting ‘Career Guidance Program’ to perform systematical brain washing should be immediately banned. We once again urge that the local Islamic leaderships and All Ceylon Jamiyaththul Ulama to take genuine action to remove the violent parts of preaching from Islamic books, scriptures and Qur’an immediately. CEMSL further states that such violent and outdated preaching should not be allowed to be taught in Sri Lanka at all for the sake of ensuring peaceful coexistence in the country. If these measures are not taken immediately, preventing violent acts occurring time to time and breeding of Islamic extremism would be a difficult task.


In order to ensure the peaceful atmosphere in the country, Council of Ex-Muslims of Sri Lanka (CEMSL) requests the Muslim public to inform relevant law enforcing authorities immediately when they come across  any extremist elements, ideologies, preaching and acts either noticed or suspected within the community.

-Council of Ex-Muslims of Sri Lanka (CEMSL)


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