CEMSL Urges the Government to Stick to the Previous Decision to Remove Ethnicity, Race and Religion from Birth Certificate

Council of Ex-Muslims of Sri Lanka urges the government to remove the columns obtaining information on applicant’s Race, Religion, Ethnicity and the Marital Status of the parents in the Birth Certificate, which would be known as National Birth Certificate in future. It is unfortunate that the political pressure and political influences have been applied to reverse the previous decision of the government to remove ethnicity, religion and race from National Birth Certificate. Council of Ex-Muslims of Sri Lanka (CEMSL) supports the previous decision of the government and request the government to take steps to remove such clauses and columns from all the documents, applications and forms.

It is the CEMSL stance mentioning of religion, race and ethnicity in any legal and official documents such as oaths, police complain registers, affidavits, marriage certificates etc should be removed. The above stance is based on humanist principles and values, not with any political or vested interests.


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